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Alan Thomas

Alan is the Senior Digital Editor at MoneyHelper. Having joined in May 2017, he's worked in marketing, the smartphone industry, the third sector, and now in finance.

Latest Posts

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22 Sep 2021

Do you have a good mortgage deal? Knowing some of the average costs and interest rates will help.


How to spot and avoid pension scams

13 Sep 2021

Pension scams come in lots of shapes and sizes, but they all have the same effect – you lose your life savings. Here’s how to spot and avoid pension scams.


How to spot cryptocurrency and Bitcoin scams

01 Sep 2021

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What is credit card fraud and how can I prevent it?

01 Sep 2021

Make sure you’re not a target of credit card fraud by finding out exactly what credit card fraud is and how to prevent it.


Getting money back for delayed or cancelled trains

29 Jun 2021

If your train was delayed, here are some things to help you find how late your train was and how much you can get depending on how late your train is.