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Four ways to beat your money worries

The third Monday of January is said to be the most depressing day of the year. Now, the idea of one day being worse than any other might feel like pseudo-science, but it’s certainly the case that financial pressures can come to the fore this month.

Bills for Christmas spending will be dropping through letter boxes, and they’re likely to be higher than normal as people overspent on gifts and other festive fun.

These money worries are made worse by an early payday in December, with workers having to stretch December’s paycheque further as a result, while not being able to budget properly causes problems as January goes on.

Beating the blues

When money matters begin to affect your mental health, the easy option is to ignore it or pretend it isn’t happening. But leaving post unopened or carrying on spending won’t solve anything. They’ll actually just make things worse.

If cash is a concern and is making your Monday ‘blue’, confronting the reality can help lift the burden.

Here are four ways you can beat money worries on Blue Monday.

Talk to someone

Suffering alone adds to the pressure. Share the situation with friends or family if you can. Even if they can’t help, just talking to someone could help you see the problem with a clearer focus. You can also get free and independent money advice from hundreds of debt charities and organisation across the country.

Know exactly what the situation is

If you’ve lost track of your spending, it’s even harder to find a way out. Though it could be scary to see the true extent of your problems, a simple budget will clearly show you how much you spend and where. There could be some simple ‘quick wins’, where you can instantly find places to save or cut back.

Take it one at a time

If there are so many bills you feel overwhelmed by what to do next, stop. Take one concern at a time. You don’t need to solve it, but you might be able to make it less of a worry. Then move on to the next, and so on until you feel able to look at the bigger picture. Focus first on the priority expenses such as rent, Council Tax and energy.

Make some simple changes

Though some of your money worries might be big, you might ease the pressure with some small and simple changes.

You could free up extra cash by switching your energy company or changing to a discount supermarket. You might be able to raise some money by selling things on eBay or at boot fairs. 

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  • jenna havard / 21 April 2018

    please can someone help me as i cant cope with sll the stress of being nearly £9000 in debt from different companies

  • kingsey / 9 February 2018

    I need to borrow money

  • Z / 16 January 2017

    That picture on main webpage for this article is not appropriate. Those people don't look like they could be in any financial strain. You need to use pictures of real people, not models.

    Plus, who on earth receives bills through the post these days? Everyone pays using card or cash and it is in bank statement or receipt from the shop.