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The money tools to help you cheat at everyday maths

This week we’re talking about numeracy as part of Wednesday’s National Numeracy Day. What is numeracy? Essentially it’s how good or bad you are with numbers – and crucially not how good you are at “maths”.

Though there’s obviously a link, you can manage very well in life without knowing about Pythagoras’s theorem or logarithms. But sometimes a fear of school taught maths, and low levels of confidence as a result, can stop you from taking control of your money.

If you are a little nervous about numbers, and that’s affecting how you manage your money, we’ve a handful of tools to help. They’ll do some of the calculations for you so you can just focus on a couple of figures rather than dozens. Then you’ll hopefully build up your confidence so you’re not afraid to get on top of your finances.

Help managing your money

Where does your money go each month? Use this simple budget planner to list out all your outgoings and costs, as well as all the money you earn. You’ll quickly be able to see totals across weeks and months, and find where you’re spending more than you really should be.

Help working out how much you need to save

Are you saving for a big bill? A new TV or car? Or just to have a bit in the bank?

This calculator can help you understand how long it will take to save a specific amount, or how much you need to save to have enough by a particular date.

You can also use our Quick cash finder tool to discover how you could quickly find and save money by simply cutting back on some of your regular spending.

Help understanding how much borrowing will really cost

Borrowing money can be very expensive, so these calculators will show you how much you’ll pay in total after adding in interest. You can also how see how much difference it makes to the total when you pay a more than the minimum each month (always a good idea).

First there’s the credit card calculator, then a loans calculator.

Working out how much it’ll cost to buy a home

Getting a mortgage can feel really complicated. Using this mortgage calculator you can see how much your monthly payments would likely be, and adjust things like the length of mortgage and interest rate charged to see what affect they have.

Of course, your deposit isn’t the only upfront cost – there are actually quite a few to consider, with Stamp Duty one of the biggest. To work out how much you’ll pay, there’s also a calculator for that.

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